Secrets to a ‘Long and Happy Life’


Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

‘Fukuju’ in Japanese means ‘Long Life and Happiness.’

The Longest Living Woman in the World Just Celebrated Her 117th Birthday!

Misao Ōkawa (大川 ミサヲ) Born March 5th, 1898 is the oldest living woman. She currently resides in a nursing home in Osaka, Japan. (See link above for more of her story.)

When asked her advice on ‘longevity,’ Misao-san answered

  • “Eat and Sleep Well.” Misao-san reports sleeping 8 hours a day, and eating sushi. mackerel (‘Saba’) being her favorite. (Hey Joey, More ‘Good News’ for Gloucester Fisherman!)

Captain Joe Sushi Roll


Benefits Sushi is high in natural Omega-3 fatty acids which has been reported to help decrease inflammation. Information on Omega-3 and health benefits from Mayo Clinic – Over the past few years we have seen an increase in Sushi offerings on Cape Ann: Latitude 43, The Rudder, Madfish, the Franklin, Midori, and the Studio are some of the Cape Ann Restaurants offering Sushi.

Risks Sushi also has some risks involved if the fish is not properly stored and prepared. Raw (and even cooked) seafood is not meant for daily consumption due to levels of mercury. For more information on mercury in fish and shellfish –…/fishshellf…/outreach/advice_index.cfm        Note: Woman who are pregnant or nursing, young children, and people on chemotherapy or otherwise immunosuppressed are advised to avoid raw/uncooked fish and meat. Check with your doctor for advice.

For more on healthy vs. unhealthy sushi – Note: FDA recommends women who are pregnant only eat fish and other seafood that has been cooked thoroughly. Also, it is recommended to avoid raw seafood or meat if you are on chemotherapy or otherwise immunosuppressed. For information on what is safe to eat when on chemotherapy – .

Many studies on inflammation and fish use fish oil supplements to increase intake of omega-3. **Check with your doctor first if you are considering fish-oil supplements, especially if you are taking blood thinners! When in doubt, check it out and ask your doctor’s advice!

  • “Learn how to Relax” was Misao-san’s other advice. Though the article does not mention specific relaxation techniques, meditation is practiced daily in the Japanese culture in many forms. One common form is through ‘Sei Shin Toitsu’ – ‘mind-concentration.’ (More on Meditation, Reiki, Sei Shin Toitsu and other relaxation techniques in upcoming posts.)
A Relaxing Reiki Session

A Relaxing Reiki Session

I wonder if Misao Ōkawa knows about ‘Reiki Ryoho?’ The Japanese Healing Method/Art for mind-body improvement. Founded by Mikao Usui Sensei (August 15, 1865-March 9, 1926.) Daily practice of ‘Reiki Ryoho’ in the form of self-Reiki is said to invite ‘Health and Happiness.’

Reiki Kyogi Principles KRKB FB copy

Reflecting twice daily on the Reiki ‘Gokai’ or Precepts, also known as ‘Reiki (Kyogi) Principles,’ as part of Reiki practice helps create feelings of ‘inner peace and calm.’ A wonderful way to begin the day with ‘positive affirmations!’  ‘Work diligently’ refers to ‘working on self for self-improvement’ and greater levels of health. Inner peace has a way of ‘rippling out’ to others. May you enjoy peace and calm today!

Join me for a cup of tea! TODAY there is a Fund Raiser for the Continued Reconstruction Efforts in Japan held at Showa Institute in Boston.   If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute, contact Kyoko Wada –

Powered Macha

Powered Macha

To Learn Simple Relaxation Techniques for Stress Reduction and Increased Calm Contact me – or

Next Reiki Training Shoden (1st Degree/Beginning Level): Sunday. March 22nd in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. Reiki Ryoho Shoden Level  focuses on ‘Self-Reiki.’  Only 12 More Days Until Spring!! Celebrate Spring by spending the day in peaceful relaxation and harmony as you learn simple techniques for Relaxation and Self-Care.

~ May You Enjoy a Long and Happy Life!      – Karen Pischke B.S.N., R.N.


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