Yoga at 5:30 in the morning? Yeah, right!

Why on Earth would you want to get up at the crack’a’dawn to go and work hard, push your limits, and sweat before 6AM? Well have you ever noticed how old folks get up at like 4 in the morning? Maybe they’re on to something. Maybe they realize that this life is short but sweet for certain, and it’s up to us to take advantage of every breath. And, if healthy, wealthy, and wise is just an alarm clock away……. we’ve got a spot for you to get on that project.


This is a man who doesn’t need to “practice” his balance but he does anyway. You’ll see him on his mat at 5:30 a few days a week.


Our 5:30am weekday classes are taught by Johnna, Kim, and Atlee. These women shine energy and enthusiasm; they are happy to be there and it rubs off on everyone! The 5:30 crew is a great little community – a regular group of friendly people who join together each weekday morning. They’re in a sun drenched room in full view of the elements, the rising sun, and a peek out to the harbor and the Paint Factory. They practice energetic breathing, stretching, moving, balancing, and, most importantly, benevolence and generosity of spirit. And, even more importantly, there’s a spot in that room for YOU.

When class gets out at 6:30 you feel awesome. You’re clear headed and ready to be proactive instead of being reactive. You can get a coffee at Lone Gull, go for a swim at your favorite beach or quarry, or head home to take a shower and make a healthy breakfast. For that magical time before the majority of New England wakes up, the day is yours. And if you practice 5 times a week – the world is yours.


Photo Credit to Frank Dunton


Join us at Maritime Gloucester at 8AM every Saturday in June and July for Yoga on the Harbor. Just $10!!!



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