Think you might be ready for a CHANGE?


Join us for a free, no commitment, no pressure information, explanation, question, and ANSWERS session this Friday night October 6 from 6:30 to 7:30 at Cape Ann Power Yoga to see if our 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program is right for you.

No Sign up Required!

We run this tried and true program every couple of seasons and it always impresses me the QUALITY of the participants. This program is for anyone who wants to dig in and put in the work to make positive changes for your health and happiness. Old, young, fat, thin, strong, weak – this program is doable for anyone who is willing to learn, grow, and take proven steps towards improving your quality of life. Especially if you’ve never done yoga before.

Come learn about

Asana – Physical Yoga Poses and Flow

Inquiry – Reading and Writing to find Deeper Truths

Meditation – Bringing PRESENCE to your Life

You can do anything for 40 days.

Join us. 

Click here to read more about 40 Days to Personal Revolution



Read about one recent participants experience here

Please email David or Elizabeth with any questions at

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