Healing Heartbreak Workshop THIS Friday at North Shore Restorative Yoga

The Donationsof Love Program

The older we get, the more we lose; this is the law of impermanence. We lose loved ones, cherished dreams, physical strength, work, and relationships. Often, it seems like loss upon loss. All these losses bring up enormous grief that we must be prepared to embrace completely, if we are to live with open hearts.” – Ram Dass
By connecting with our bodies and breath, we give ourselves the opportunity to cultivate a self-healing practice through physical postures and meditation. Drawing from both ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic techniques, this two hour workshop incorporates: Yin Yoga, Slow Flow, Reiki, and Gentle Qi Gong.

Please join Deana Bacon, Tara Briggs, and Paul Findlen for this sacred guided journey, as we discover the healing power of grace, and are reminded that we are all in this together. Pre-register to secure your spot. $35 for two hour workshop.

Sign Up Now! or at http://www.nsryoga.com

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