No rate increase in January, Liquid Gyms, New Virtual Y, Pickleball and more!

Great news! For the second year in a row, there will be NO rate increase in January for your YMCA membership. We are thrilled to be able to keep our current rates while still adding more great programs and amenities at each of our local YMCA facilities. Remember, we now have Senior Membership and 3-Adult Membership options so if your family structure changes, there is the right membership type for you!

As a member of your local YMCA, you are part of so much more than a place to work out. You share in a mission to strengthen the community, every single day! CLICK HERE to see what members are saying about safety at our Y.

We remain committed to helping you reach your health and wellness goals in the New Year so join us for liquid gyms, a newly enhanced virtual Y, pickleball and more!  

Check out what’s new below and view this video about what you can expect in 2022!


Our pools are not just for swimming! Our Ys are some of the only facilities in the whole country to offer specialty submerged equipment including Water Treadmills, Water Bikes, Aqua Poles (think TRX in the water), Water Trampolines and Glide Fit floating fitness mats. In fact, our YMCA is the only Y in the country that hosts the Aqua Pole equipment and fitness experience.

We also offer new group exercise classes in the pool including S’WET (Structured Water Exercise Training), Deep Water Boot Camp, Dual Depth Circuit and Aqua Strength.
Learn more about Aqua Fitness/Liquid Gyms

This sports craze is sweeping the nation and we are dedicating more than 70 weekly hours of gym time for all the Pickleball fun! Visit our Schedules Page and click Pickleball for dates and times! Pickleball is great for all ages from beginners to seasoned pickleball players, this game is fun for everyone! Be on the lookout for information on private and beginner lessons, rating clinics and local leagues and ladder play.

We know that everyone’s fitness goals are different and we are here to support you in your health and wellness journey. Join our new challenge to Find Your Fit at the Y this holiday season and into the new year!  We will give you the extra motivation you need to get or stay fit.

Learn more

YMCA360 will revolutionize your virtual workouts from home or on the go.  YMCA360 allows you to stream you favorite program, classes and instructors. Anywhere, Anytime!  Our new platform is in partnership with over 70 Y’s from across the nation, offers a Smart TV App, better ease of use and connects you with the best Y fitness instructors.  Stay tuned for more details as we launch this incredible virtual health and wellness platform.


Share this 1 week pass with a friend! They can show this pass on their phone to the Welcome Center staff and enjoy a complimentary week at the Y. Take advantage of our member referral, if they join, you get a free month of membership and they pay no joiner fee!

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