Parade Pose 2017 $100 Winner


  Once again – we had an absolute blast in the 2017 Fishtown Horribles Parade and the Rockport Firemen’s Association Parade. Thank you to everyone who tried out a yoga pose (many for the first time ever), all of you who shared pictures online, and most importantly to the countless volunteers and public safety officials who make these events the huge successes they are year after year. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make them a reality, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to participate.


  I did my best to compile all of the pictures I could find – if yours isn’t up here please send me a private message or email linking to where you posted it and I’ll consider it for another prize.

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  This year’s $100 winner is

Andi Egmont!


This photo captures 3 generations of what looks like a really fun family enjoying their holiday. There is focus and determination, balance and grace, and most importantly big smiles, laughter, and lots of fun. For me – this captures the essence of what our studio and this contest is all about.

Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your light with us!


we want to recognize Rockport Elementary School student, soccer player, and karate green belt (almost brown) Gerardo for this three-legged-dog with our teacher Nicole! We heard that if he won he would be donating the prize to the Rockport Firemen’s Association to help pay for next year’s parade – and we think that’s just awesome so in recognition of his enthusiasm and good will we are donating $100 to the association on his behalf. Good work, Gerardo!



World Class Yoga Teacher Nicki Doane Returns to Gloucester this Thursday!


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