FRIDAY: GLOW, RIDE & FLOW with the Inner Cycle and Treetop Yoga

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Here we go again with a wonderful partnership with our buds at The Inner Cycle.
Glow Ride! Wear your neon and white! This ride we’ll be glowing (literally!) in the Black Lights. Glow sticks and sweaty dance party on the bike provided!
Glow-ga is all about coming to gather and having a ton of fun. Together, we will flow and breathe in an all-levels class set to great, upbeat music. This isn’t your mother’s yoga class. Be prepared to level up your funk. You’ll be glistening under the lights after this fun combo!
Workshop will start with a 45 minute Ride at Inner Cycle, and then move over to Treetop for a 45 minute Vinyasa Flow. Workshop attendees are welcome to stay after for a post-glow bevvy in the lobby. Let’s GLOW!
Only 15 spots so get in the saddle and settle on your mat.$30 inclues Spin, Yoga, and a Post-Glow Beverage

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CBD Success Stories To Date

Since we’ve opened (almost a year now!) we have had a plethora of success stories from very satisfied customers. These stories include success with/relief from the following:


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Skip the Salad!

Skip the Salad!

Ayurvedically speaking our lunch should be made fresh and be the biggest meal of the day.

Having a big lunch is important because the sun, pitta energy (element of fire, energy of transformation!), and our agni (digestive fire), are all in alignment. This means big, lots o’ fire to digest big, lots o’ food! Our digestive fire is the strongest it will be all day long and it’s looking for a big meal to work on. If we wait to have our biggest meal at dinner, there is no fire left in nature or in us, so the food sits like a big blob in our bellies until the next day. Yuck!

Put the salad down…

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“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 😀





Do you experience bouts of dizziness?

Ginger helps to relieve dizziness and nausea. Studies have shown that it may even be more effective that over-the-counter medications. You can use ginger in the form of supplements. You can also prepare a ginger tea by

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“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”😀