Myofascial Release Workshop: Hips and Lower Body

Join Abby Strauss-Malcolm 200-hour RYT, 750-hour CMT, in this workshop series designed to release myofascial tension throughout the body. Each session will hone in on a particular theme or targeted body part. You will leave each session feeling balanced, inspired and living better in your own body.

For each session you’ll need: a yoga block (or foam roller), two tennis or massage balls, and a blanket or large towel for padding. Softer balls are available for purchase at the studio

Do you feel vague lower back, hip or even knee tension that you can’t quite pinpoint or stretch away? In this workshop we’ll drop into a space of self-study, discovering techniques to ease stress and unravel tension in the body. This sequence focuses on key transitional regions in the lower body that experience high friction or become stiff or fibrous. Mainly the outer thighs, IT band, lower calves, back of the pelvis and low back. You’ll leave with a greater sense of freedom in your own skin, feeling balanced, inspired and living better in your own body.

Register Here!

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