Calling All Students!

Did you know that Crossfit Cape Ann offers a discount for all current students? If you are home for the summer or a local student, come check us out!


The primary goal at CFCA is to help our members increase their capability, durability (both mental and physical) and most importantly longevity through consistent quality movement in a fun and supportive environment. We have evolved over the years into what we’d consider more of a “lifestyle” crossfit gym. We focus on exercises that we feel have the best carryover to the demands of our member’s lives outside of the gym and less on competition or Crossfit as “sport”.

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CFCA Membership – Civil Service/Military

Did you know that Crossfit Cape Ann offers a discount for full time Police/ Fire / Military/ Coast Guard & EMT? This membership allows you to come to as many classes as you’d like! Membership also includes open gym times and access to the climbing wall and recovery work while other classes are in session. Your fitness is important to our communities safety!


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CFCA 14-Day Trial Membership


Not sure if CFCA is right for you? We offer a 14 day trial membership for $65 so you can test the waters before fully committing to improving your health/fitness and life!  Trial memberships start with a private intro session with one of our coaches. The intro will give you an opportunity to check out our facility, learn more about our program, watch an actual class in progress and learn some of the basic movements that we use on a regular basis. More importantly, it’s a chance for us to get to know you… (your goals, athletic background, previous injuries) and address any questions or concerns that you may have. This session generally lasts 40-60 mins. Once you have completed your intro… come to class as much as you want for the next 14 days! Get a feel for our workouts, our coaches and our supportive community. When the 14 days are up… let us know if you think CFCA is the right fit for you. Email us get started!

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$5 Community Crossfit Class

Haven’t check out CFCA yet? Why not?! Join us at 18 Sargent Street every Saturday at 9AM for our Community Team WOD. You can even bring a friend! The more the merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally. No Crossfit experience necessary. If you’ve been wondering what Crossfit is all about, no better time than now. See you there!


Check us out at of find us on Facebook @crossfitcapeanners

Looking for an insight on what actually happens on Saturday mornings? Check out this first hand look at why people love CFCA!

Kettlebell Training at CFCA

Did you know that Kettlebell training is accessible and practical for all fitness levels? It also combines strength and cardiovascular work into one simple and effective tool.


Come join us at Crossfit Cape Ann tonight (and Thursday nights) for our weekly Kettlebell Class at 5:30PM. No previous kettlebell experience required and your first class is FREE! Crossfit Cape Ann is located at 18 Sargent Street in Gloucester, MA. See you there!

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