Virtual Deep Core and Pelvic Floor with Amanda Stefanik at Treetop Yoga

Join Amanda Stefanik to develop an awareness and connection to the muscles of the deep core and pelvic floor. Learn how the two work in conjunction to support the body in our day to day living, as well as our movement regimes. Starting with breath and feedback we build a mindful connection to the muscles. We will progressively work through exercises that build and layer strength, stability, and endurance in these areas.  The deep core and pelvic floor is not a women’s only workshop! Men are welcome and encouraged to explore the deep core muscles, as well as the pelvic floor muscles- those that separate upper and lower body, and support many of our organs. Amanda acknowledges that deep core and pelvic floor training is not always the most exciting work. This is not party trick yoga. However, laying the foundation for a stable and strong core is an integral aspect of overall health that is often overlooked. Amanda hopes to share her knowledge and passion for this topic as she continues on her journey to optimal core and pelvic floor health. 

Register Here!

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