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Join ABC’s team of caregivers assisting clients in their homes with meal preparation, shopping, laundry, and light housekeeping. Work PART-TIME HOURS in our community with a flexible schedule that meets your needs.

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Medical & Dental Insurance
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Mileage Reimbursement
Earn Extra $$$ for Specialty Cases, Evening & Weekend Visits

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The Holidays: A Time of Discovery

The holidays may be one of the few times that we have the opportunity to truly gather together as a family due to life’s schedules and proximity of our loved ones. For those who traveled to a loved one this past weekend, it may be the time when you noticed things are changing with mom or dad. While you’ve connected often on the phone, the extended time together may have provided a deeper look at their daily lives. Perhaps you noticed they were repeating themselves more often or that they appeared to be having more difficulty getting around. Couple this insight with the resolve that married couples may attach to the “for better or for worse” marriage vow. “No one can care for you as well as I can” or “I’m your husband, it’s my duty to care for you.” It’s important as families to talk to one another about how things are changing and for everyone to understand that asking for help does not mean giving up. It simply means taking control.

As part of the evaluation of your family you might consider “what you can do” and “what can be done by others?” Perhaps having some help with food shopping or meal prep, which could be a grocery delivery service, signing up to receive Meals on Wheels and/or receiving in-home services from a respected agency like ABC Home Healthcare. Homemaking assistance can go a long way. Having someone come in to do the laundry may help avoid a fall that could lead to a hospital stay. As we get older making beds becomes more strenuous; if we can utilize others to accomplish these more manual chores we may feel better physically and mentally. Just a LITTLE help each week can make a BIG difference.

Caring for someone as they age can lead to moments of increased stress and frustration, possibly leading to exhaustion and what is referred to as “caregiver burnout”. To be a successful caregiver you need to take care of yourself. It may mean exercise, quiet time alone or social time with friends. As little as 15 minutes a day can make a world of difference in the life of a caregiver.

As we age we find comfort in our surroundings. In addition to help inside the home there may be modifications that may make life at home more manageable. It might be adjusting the layout of furniture or removing some rugs to allow for easier foot traffic, adding grab bars in the bath to help us get in our and out of the shower safely; installing hand held shower fixtures to make bathing easier and more. ABC Home Healthcare offers FREE in-home evaluation of our clients AND their surroundings to help identify potential hazards before they become an issue. Our In-Home Safety and Modification team can help make home more accessible and comfortable to our clients as they age.

As you enjoy time together with your loved ones this holiday season consider the gift of home, health and peace of mind as we age. Developing a relationship with an established agency like ABC Home Healthcare ensures that you’ll have a trained, compassionate caregiver there for you according to your schedule. Together we can make home happen.

Jeannette Sheehan, MSN, CCM, RN, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner is founder and owner of ABC Home Healthcare Professionals, providing private medical and non-medical home care services to metro Boston, North Shore Merrimack Valley and the Cape Ann communities. When researching home care services, give us a call at 978-281-1001, or visit our website at www.abchhp.com


The Holiday Season is Here – A Great Time to Consider Respite Care


Respite Care is Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul

With the mild fall season we’ve had I hope you’re not surprised when I tell you that the holiday season has arrived bringing along with it expanded to-do lists, cooking, parties and much more.  For those of you who are caregivers – these can make for stressful times when juggling life’s every day priorities. As parents of young children, we look to a trusted sitter, friend or family member when we need to take a break.  It’s great to know you have someone you can trust when you need it.

The same fact can hold true when we find ourselves caring for an aging parent, a spouse, or loved one that has become ill requiring care to remain safe at home. Being a caregiver can be a rewarding experience, which may allow us to deepen bonds with our loved one. For the individual being cared for it allows for personalized attention in the comfort of home. At the same time, caregiving can be a difficult task where we might find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and becoming impatient.  That feeling can come when we’ve taken on too much without providing our own self with the care it needs. To be a successful caregiver it is essential that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a support network and take time for yourself. That is where respite care comes in. In short, respite care bridges the gap between caring for others and caring for our self. By definition, respite care is taking a break from something difficult; while caregiving isn’t always difficult it can have its challenging moments.

Respite care is something you as a caregiver decide how much you need.  The great thing about respite care is that it doesn’t necessarily need to follow a schedule unless YOU want it to, though it does need to be planned for in advance. It can be as little as an hour or two during the day or as much as (up to) 24-hours a day.  Do you have a family outing or event that just isn’t the right environment for your older loved one? Respite care can be arranged to ensure your loved one has a trained, compassionate caregiver with them providing the care they need while you enjoy some time away.

The holiday season is a great time to consider respite care when you’re a caregiver. Do you host a special family event in your home? ABC caregivers are available to help you at home by providing care while you prepare for your holiday celebration. Our caregivers are also available to help your loved one travel with you to family events.  Respite care is for however you choose to use it. Consider how you can use yours.

“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted,
no solutions searched for.

– Maya Angelou

While there is no guarantee of a full day without any problems to confront, a refreshed soul can better respond to the challenges life brings. Respite exists to allow us to thrive as caregivers. Consider putting your respite plans in place.  For more information on respite care, contact ABC Home Healthcare at 978-281-1001 or online at abchhp.com.

Jeannette Sheehan, MS, RN, CS, CCM, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner is founder and owner of ABC Home Healthcare Professionals, located at 281R East Main Street in Gloucester serving all of Cape Ann, North Shore, Merrimack Valley, and Metro Boston.