Need Some Help Getting Accustomed to What Was Considered Normal , Like Driving in Traffic.


(1)    Aggressive  driving has been a problem on our roadways for a while, and it seems to only be getting worse. Incidents of screaming, rude gestures, and sometimes even violence are reported frequently on our roadways to the point where it has earned its own name: road rage. Learn what causes road rage, whether you are prone to it, and how you can help to keep our roads safe by not giving in to road rage.

Definition of Road Rage

Written by SafeMotorist.comThe term Road Rage was coined by local news station KTLA in Los Angeles after a string of shootings occurred on several freeways in the city. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines road rage as when a driver “commits moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property; an assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger of one motor vehicle on the operator or passengers of another motor vehicle”.

The NHTSA makes a clear distinction between road rage and aggressive driving, where the former is a criminal charge and the latter a traffic offense. This definition places the blame on the driver.

Road Rage Quiz

You may like to think that road rage is something that only happens to other people, but the truth is many of us are guilty of aggressive behavior on the road. Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly:

  • Do you regularly drive over the speed limit, or try to “beat” red lights because you are in a hurry?
  • Do you tailgate or flash your headlights at a driver in front of you that you believe is driving too slowly?
  • Do you honk the horn often?
  • Do you ever use obscene gestures or otherwise communicate angrily at another driver?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is possible you are susceptible to road rage. Many times when a road rage incident occurs it is because the person was under stress in other areas of their life. The addition of congested traffic can add to stress, which then explodes when it is perceived someone else on the road has acted in an aggressive way, whether intentional or not.

Do You Cause Road Rage?

Even if you answered no to the questions above, are you sure you aren’t causing others to lash out with road rage? Ask yourself these questions as well:

  • Do you frequently use your phone while driving, or otherwisedrive while distracted?
  • Do you keep your high beams on, regardless of oncoming traffic?
  • Do you switch lanes or make turns without using your turn signal?
  • Do you fail to check your blind spot before switching lanes to make sure you aren’t cutting someone off?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be contributing to causing road rage in others. While a violent reaction to switching lanes without a turn signal isn’t warranted, it’s best to not put yourself in that situation to begin with by always being aware of other drivers and driving cautiously.

Road Rage Statistics

The following statistics compiled from the NHTSA and the Auto Vantage auto club show that aggressive driving and road rage are causing serious problems on our roads.

  • 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving.
  • 37% of aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm.
  • Males under the age of 19 are the most likely to exhibit road rage.
  • Half of drivers who are on the receiving end of an aggressive behavior, such as horn honking, a rude gesture, or tailgating admit to responding with aggressive behavior themselves.
  • Over a seven year period, 218 murders and 12,610 injuries were attributed to road rage.
  • 2% of drivers admit to trying to run an aggressor off the road!

How to Handle Road Rage

If you find that you have agitated another driver, whether the fault is truly yours or not, do not react or retaliate to the other driver on the road. This will only cause the situation to escalate. Remind yourself that the other driver is just bad at handling stress, avoid eye contact and continue to practice safe driving habits.

Unfortunately, it does not look like this problem is going away any time soon. All you can do is be a considerate, aware driver that follows the rules of the road. While it may be difficult in the heat of the moment, do not give in to feelings of anger or rage on the road. Think twice before you honk the horn or flip that finger, because you never know what may set off the person in the cars around you. Getting home safely is more important than teaching someone a dangerous lesson. Driving Safety Articles:
This article was written by defensive driving staff writers and reviewed for accuracy by defensive driving instructors. All articles are based on current traffic laws and defensive driving practices. This article is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be taken as legal advice or literal interpretation of any specific traffic law.

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Winners of the 2020 Commercial Cannabis program

GHP News has published the announcement that Herb Tech Pharma is one of  the winners of the 2020 Commercial Cannabis Awards.

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Most Advanced Topical & Oral CBD Products Brand – USA

Based in Beverly, Massachusetts, Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is a speciality pharmaceutical company focused on the development of Hemp CBD and other botanical extracts. Following its well-deserved success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020, we got in touch with Laura Stephens to find out more.

With its consumer- based focus deriving from its unique history, Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is committed to delivering superior topical and oral products. Going into further detail, Laura begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele.“The decision that a consumer makes to purchase a health and wellness product is an important one and one that we at Herb Tech Pharma do not take lightly. Naturally, we believe that the consumer is relying on us to produce a product that can safely and effectively address their health and wellness needs. Here at Herb Tech Pharma, our philosophy focuses on the core belief that the gastro-intestinal system is not the target area for the absorption of CBD or botanical extracts. As naturally derived ingredients, the gastro- intestinal system treats CBD and botanicals like food and destroys them. The little that remains must then be absorbed through the stomach lining, pass through the liver, and only then reach general circulation where they travel throughout the body looking for receptors.

“Using our topical phase change technology or oral micro mist technology can reduce the stomach issues that some consumers could realize from oral products. Typically, our superiority to others is based on our four pillars which includes advanced formulation science, purity and concentration of CBD and extracts, full panel independent validation to ensure of compliance and transparency, and lastly packaging that both protects the product and aids the consumer with proper dosing.At Herb Tech Pharma, we truly believe formulation science combined with our other product pillars helps ensure that the consumer has the best possible health and wellness experience from a brand that they can trust.”

When it comes to recruitment, the firm typically look for candidates who can demonstrate three key skills as Laura goes on to explain.“With our team culture evolving around subject matter expertise, innovation, and passion, we want all of our individual team members to be experts in their fields, to be able to demonstrate innovative problem-solving skills and show a passion for creating unique products.”

In such a very competitive industry, remaining at the forefront of emerging developments has proved to be a pivotal factor behind the firm’s success as Laura explains further. “By heavily investing in the development of our current science platforms as well as more advanced biochemical technologies for prescriptive drug applications, we believe this commitment has allowed us to forge our own path as we push the industry to focus more on product quality, innovation and consumer trust.”

The outbreak of COVID-19 has further highlighted the lack of understanding retailers and consumers have about white label products. In response to this, Herb Tech Pharma have launched a programs to educate the consumer and retailer on how to read a label as Laura points out.

“Since COVID-19 has heightened the public’s focus on health and wellness, consumers and retailers are asking more questions about their products which provides companies like Herb Tech Pharma with an opportunity to educate the consumer and retailer on what distinguishes product quality.

By completing our programs, consumers are able to make better, educated product purchasing decisions.”Bringing the interview to a close, Laura signs off by commenting on the firm’s future prospects as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond.“Here at Herb Tech Pharma, we continually invest in our formulation science platforms and intellectual property. In this regard, we have a number of unique and exciting programs under development that we believe will not only add to our product portfolio but also help further evolve the industry.

Moving forward, with such fierce competition in our industry, maintaining our current position will be challenging, but with the efforts of our team and our commitment to innovation there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about our future.”

Company: Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. Contact: Laura Stephens

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10 GHP / Commerical Cannabis Awards 2020

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Herb Tech Pharma products come with a guarantee as to the quantity of pure CBD in each bottle. With most products in this industry the quantity of actual pure CBD content is often unknown as only the hemp oil extract concentration is provided and the pure CBD amount could vary widely or be none at all. In our topical products the full spectrum CBD oil has between 80% to 95% pure CBD. This means that 1000 mgs of hemp extract, in our bottles, has between 800 to 950 mgs of pure CBD per bottle. Our oral micro mist spray products use 99 % pure CBD isolate with a guarantee of 840 mgs of CBD per bottle. These are some of the highest concentrations in the industry. In addition to some of the highest concentrations of pure CBD, Herb Tech Pharma only formulates with the highest quality CBD produced. The CBD that we use in our topical products is full spectrum and in our oral micro mist spray products it is isolate. Both CBD material are independently certified to be 2018 Farm Bill Compliant with full panel certification. Further, the hemp/CBD is organically grown in Kentucky and extracted using CO2 extraction methods to avoid the use of solvents. Finally, our packaging consists of industry leading metered dose dispensers. This allows the consumer to understand and control the amount of CBD that they want to use. With the Herb Tech Pharma topical products, one pump of the dispenser equals one gram of total material which contains 20 mg of hemp extract containing between 16 and 19 mg of CBD. Similarly with our micro mist oral sprays, one spray equals 5 mgs of CBD extract. With other products in the industry, consumers don’t know how much to use as there is no way to determine dosing.

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