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You have the key to your heart health. February has arrived…roaring in like a Lion…with the heart of a Patriots player.  Ok, I had to throw in the football reference.  It is a month of hearts, roses and romance…all very important to us all…nobody deserves to be loved more than you.

Most importantly, the American Heart Association would like to remind us that heart disease is on the rise and is the #1 killer of women…above all kinds of cancer combined.  Even if your New Year’s resolutions have fizzled out, please resolve to make at least one lifestyle improvement each month. In this way you can mindfully make them a part of your life and keep them there.

May we suggest these:  taking a brisk 30-minute walk 3x per week(increasing to 5X), check your cholesterol levels, reduce TV watching after 7 pm, consume only water or decaf tea after 6pm, be in bed and ready to sleep on or before 10pm.  Studies have shown that your sleep from 10pm-2am is physically restorative, while your sleep from 2-6am is neurologically restorative…(your brain, etc.)  We are here to support you in any way we can.

It’s time to get back out into the sun! Discoveries have shown that vitamin D from the sun has amazing weight loss properties. Actually, some of these extra pounds we have packed on may not be totally our fault. Many of us are actually vitamin D deficient. Blood tests are available that can answer this question.  Another tough obstacle is that if we try to supplement vitamin D, it is a fat-soluble vitamin and gets stuck in our fat stores! Vitamin D supplements are available in D2 (most common) and D3.  D2 is a plant-based form and processes too quickly to be helpful. D3 is the form our bodies naturally make from the sunshine and lasts much longer in the bloodstream.(try Life Extension Vitamin D3…or Natrol vitamin D3…check with your doctor) Take them with food as the bile acids enhance D absorption.

Other healthy side effects of Vitamin D: Reduces: osteoporosis risk, diabetes risk, heart disease risk, respiratory infections, blood pressure, joint pain, cancer risk and the winter blahs…;-)

Just for fun, I will leave you with this for this evening. Providing these feathered comedians with feeders, perches and food has provided me with more than a few moments of delight.  I will warn you that taking some peaceful moments to watch them flit about and interact with one another can be addicting.  So far we have collected 3 feeders, a suet cage and I am searching for covered platforms for the bigger ones to snack comfortably.  I sincerely suggest that you give this a try if you like to smile or laugh out loud…bring your coffee along…you will feel all the tension of the day melt away.

Please look for our new website which will be online later in March with new programs and events and regular classes.  Thanks for joining us!  Good night and good health.

Well Hello!  Welcome to 2015 (Year of 8) and the year of the Goat.  We are very excited to see this year unfold and I hope you will join us.  The Goat year, which begins Feb. 19th is all about peace, tranquility, mending fences and seeking out loving spiritual persuits.    Folks will find themselves taking a bit more time to think things through…brains over braun if you will.

The 8 is a balanced number and brings  and encourages us to look more closely at our lives and provide more balance around work, family, outdoor activities, our physical health,  spiritual lives and community contributions.  It is about accomplishments, power, inner strength, self-empowerment and personal successes. Moreover, this is the year for self-realization ladies and gentlemen.  Find out who you are and let that shine!  Are you a guest in your own life story?  Have you been under the influence of others and their opinions as to who and what you are?  This is the year that things change for all of us.

Promise to be kind to yourself:

1. Do something loving for yourself each day.

2. Tell yourself “I love you” each day

3. Speak kindly to yourself

4. Write down something you love about yourself each day

Massaaaage...just the sound of it makes me relax and smile to myself.  We all know massage work as a favorite part of our spa experiences, but perhaps you don’t know of its many health benefits.  Stress has become an integral part of all of our lives…but did you know that it routinely causes physical pain in our bodies as a result? Stress and tension go hand-in-hand.

Getting those tense and painful tissues calm and relaxed again offers many health benefits such as lowered blood pressure, better sleep, intestinal health, increased metabolism and circulation, aids in digestion and weight loss, restores range of motion, reduces scar tissue from injury, enhances ability to focus, reduces or eliminates headaches, reduces inflammation of some arthritus and carpal tunnel issues, diminishes symptoms of depression, reduces the anxiety and confusion in Altzheimers patiences and strengthens your immune system…and creates a general sense of well-being.  From there we usually make other positive choices for ourselves as well.

Call Lin at 978-852-6228 to see what massage can do for you.  Massage specials available through March 8th.                      Ask for the “I Love Me” special offers.

(gift certificates are available to keep the savings going!)

Your 222 Arts & Wellness Center is all about supporting you in any way possible.  We continually seek opportunities to provide new services and educational opportunites to help you learn and grow healthier each year.

THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN GET INVOLVED. If you or someone you know would like to teach a class, instruct a movement/yoga class, or be a wellness practitioner (chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, esthetician, etc.) please let us know.  If they decide to work here, you will get a cash or equivalent service award (gift certificate, etc.)  Feel free to call for details if you have something in mind.

We are conveniently located on 127 in North Gloucester among many fine health and wellness facilities.  We would love to hear from you if you would like to be a member of our close knit group of highly qualified professionals.

222 Arts & Wellness Center • 222 Eastern Ave • Gloucester, MA • 978-281-6222 • www.222artsandwellness.com

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