Go to Mexico in February!


 Remember last February? We do. We committed to get the Hell out of New England this winter – and now we are. We are partnering with our longtime friend and Master Teacher Patty Ivey of Down Dog Yoga in Washington DC to offer a winter getaway to the magical Pacific Coast of Mexico.

We’ve been on this trip before and as we were being shown our room we saw a whale breaching just off the shore! The food is delicious, the sights and culture are incredible, and the new people you will meet are top shelf. Whether you are a yoga teacher, experienced student, brand new beginner, or someone with a spouse who loves yoga, this trip will benefit your health, happiness, and tolerance for January, March, and April.

Between lounging on the beach, surfing, whale watching, Puerto Vallarta, an infinity pool, and nearby attractions there is plenty to entertain spouses, kids, or maybe even your mom or dad. Sign up now and bring a friend.


Visit our website for more information, ask Elizabeth or David after class, or email us any time at CapeAnnPowerYoga@gmail.com





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