Good Morning Gloucester

99 thank yous Lisa and April❤️

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I find myself forthe second time this year sending a heartfelt thanks to the compassionate and infinitely competentemergency room staff and EMTsat Addison Gilbert Hospital. Embarrassingly, yesterday morning I fell on the rocks along the berm. The nicest personyou could ever meet, Carol, helped me to my feet and waited with me for the ambulance, taking care of me, Rosie, car, and camera until husband and son arrived.

The EMT Jeff Romeo was terrifically kind (both Jeff and the ambulance driver, whose name I did not learn, were terrific). When I asked him if he pronounces his name the same as does our Mayor, we laughed when he said no, becausehe is from New York, hisname is pronounced like the Romeo of Shakespeare fame.

So many thanks to Doctor Berger for getting my elbow back in…

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