The Roots of $10 Yoga.

How much does it cost to take a yoga class on the North Shore? About $15.

So why is class $10 at

Cape Ann Power Yoga?

Over 15 years ago when Elizabeth started practicing yoga,

it cost


$10 made it affordable for her to drive into Cambridge to practice with Baron Baptiste. And practice a lot. Practice so much that when Baron told Elizabeth that he needed another teacher, and that it was going to be her – she couldn’t refuse.

All because of $10 yoga.

Brilliant Yoga Guy – Baron Baptiste

Fast forward a couple of years and Elizabeth is traveling to Mexico, and Hawaii, and Montana to train other people how to teach yoga. She helped to run events, retreats, and trainings all over the world to people who wanted to perform at the highest level.

All because of $10 yoga.

Fast forward a couple of more years and in now addition to teaching at the Baptiste studios in Boston, Elizabeth wanted to bring this powerful practice to the people on our side of The Bridge. A group of friends started gathering in a living room and that grew into sharing Baptiste Power Yoga at studios in Gloucester, Beverly, and Salem. From that humble living room to the inception of Treetop and the rise of Empower Elizabeth  has been a leader of health and wellness on Cape Ann for over a decade.

We set out to build a studio where regardless of who you are, how much money you have, or how much you know about yoga: you can walk in off the street any day of the week and pay just $10 to take a class with a teacher who is actively trained and coached by one of the most qualified teacher trainers in New England.

What is important to us, what we want our daughters to grow up around – is a community of healthy, happy, and clear headed people. We believe the simplest and most immediate way we can help contribute to that is to make this practice that has helped to shape our lives available to as many of our friends and neighbors as possible, by offering class for just $10.

More people are taking the leap every day. Tired of feeling sick and tired – our friends and neighbors are choosing to spend their time in a clean and bright space. They are choosing to be warm and to sweat, to push themselves and to propel forward in life and in health. Most importantly they are choosing to spend their time in the company of people who feel the same way. Come and see what we’re about.

It’s only $10.


Please contact us any time with any questions at

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