Fly with Treetop! Acro Yoga Workshop





What is Acro Yoga?

Acro yoga is a combination of  yoga, acrobatics and therapeutics that creates trust, playfulness & community. Like a traditional asana or yoga practice, Acro Yoga is appropriate for all ages and levels!

Join us as we welcome the well-known and loved Acro Yoga teacher, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, for this fun and playful workshop!


Jean-Jaques Gabriel


Who Jean-Jaques? 

Jean -Jaques Gabriel is a Haitian-born artist, father, and yoga teacher living in Philadelphia. He has traveled extensively all over the world teaching acro yoga workshops. Click HERE to learn more and check out his website!




You haven’t tried partner yoga until you’ve tried Acro!




What will we do in this workshop? 

We’ll build acrobatic postures on clean lines of connection and layer progressions to find the delicate balance between power and grace. Find poses with steadiness if you’re new, and play with fresh new transitions if you’ve flown before.




No experience or partner necessary, just come with an openness to adventure!




Friday, Jan. 29th 6:30-9pm


Treetop Yoga Studio, 7 Parker Street Gloucester, Second Floor


$45 for 2.5 hours of FUN!



Sign up now & save your space!!treetop-workshops-and-events/c1drj

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