Join ABC today for National Wear Red Day

ABC Home Healthcare is joining The Heart Truth program today Friday, February 5th—National Wear Red Day—to help spread the message that “Heart Disease Doesn’t Care What You Wear, It’s the #1 Killer of Women.®” Although significant progress has been made in increasing awareness among women that heart disease is their #1 killer, most women fail to make the connection between heart disease risk factors and their personal risk of developing the disease. This disease is largely preventable, but kills more women than all forms of cancer combined.

While heart disease risk begins to rise in middle age, heart disease develops over time and can start at a young age, even in the teen years. It’s never too early, or too late, to take action to prevent and control the risk factors for heart disease. Take the first step and schedule your Well-Woman Visit today, a prevention check-up to review a your overall health during which your doctor will measure blood pressure, check cholesterol and look for signs of heart disease, stroke and other illnesses. Learn more at

ABC Home Healthcare Professionals is located at 281 East Main Street in Gloucester. For more information, call (978) 281-1001 or online at www.abchhp.comheart-truth_ABC
The Heart Truth logo is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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