from Panic to Powerful – Surviving Cancer Program Re-Visited


IMG_2172Cancer Coach and Cancer Survivor, Laurie Geary, will give another presentation Tuesday, February 23rd, from 1-3pm, at the Rose Baker Senior Center in Gloucester.
Due to the extremely positive reception of the first presentation,  “From Panic to Powerful,” given in December, Laurie is offering the program again to cancer survivors and/or their caretakers.  If there is enough interest, the program will be scheduled once a month.
The “Panic to Powerful” program was developed by The Cancer Journey, the first cancer coach training company in the U.S.  Laurie, a professional life coach for more than 20 years, and a long term cancer suvivor herself, decided to be trained and certified by The Cancer Journey.  She now wants to focus her coaching and training on helping others deal with a devastating cancer diagnosis.
The goals of this monthly program will be to provide ongoing emotional support, as well as to teach techniques and tools, developed by The Cancer Journey, to provide educational and informational support.  Newcomers will be welcome each month; participants who attended the first program are encouraged to return.  Preregistration is appreciated.
A recent pilot study by The Cancer Journey proved significant overall improvement in cancer patient-perceived physical, emotional, spiritual, and hope status. (see Pilot Study below).  Laurie plans to share the tools used in this pilot study with the participants of the Panic to Powerful program.
Pilot Study to determine the effectiveness of Cancer Coaching/Training
Numerous studies have shown a link between emotional
support and improved clinical outcomes in cancer care.
face-to-face group sessions. The Cancer Journey™ embarked on a pilot study to test patient-perceived physical and emotional status with the
programmatic support of Cancer Journey Coaching.
32 participants enrolled in the study. Study participants
self-identified as patients, survivors and caregivers. 21were assigned to the coaching group to receive a combination of face-to-face group and one-on-one telecoaching over a 12-week period. 11 study participants were assigned to the control group and received no face-to-face or tele-coaching for the same 12-week period. 18 trained cancer coaches were leveraged in the study to provide tele-coaching. Two expert coaches provided the
face-to-face group sessions.
A survey was administered to active study participants as well as the control group. The survey assessed perceived Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Hope (PESH) status as well as nine other factors: Family, Friendships, Intimate Relationships, Work, Education, Recreation, Spirituality,
Community and Physical Health.
The same survey was administered midway through the session, and at the end of the 12-week session.
Participants in the active study group showed a greater overall improvement in each of the measured aspects of perceived physical, emotional, spiritual and hope status.
Physical      Emotional    Spirtual      Hope
Active Participant
Improvement                14.7%        19.4%        22.4%        18.8%
Control Group
Improvement                1.6%          13.3%        1.6%          11.6%
For more information about The Cancer Journey, go to
For more information about Laurie, go to  or

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