Spring Ahead in Life

How’s that for a corny title? Haha.

Seriously though – the deep cold has broke, and spring is here. As New Englanders that means it’s time for us to get to work. Clean up the yard, the garage, the basement, the attic.

The average American home has 300,000 items in it. So much of that is crap we just don’t need anymore. Let it go. All of those things that you’ve been holding on to, “just in case”? Not only taking up space, but your time and energy as well. Moving them. Cleaning them. Worrying about them. Sell it. Donate it. Give it to your neighbors. Throw it out. Get a fresh start.


That Zodiac in your backyard that is entirely de-laminated? Garbage.

The same is true for your spirit’s home – your body. Clear out the clutter this spring. A hot yoga practice is like opening the attic windows and turning on a fan. It’s like pressure washing the garage floor. It’s like taking a barney bag and filling it with all of that moldy and broken luggage that you inherited 20 years ago from your ex-wife’s uncle. Get rid of that shit. Make space for something new.

How do you do that? Well you could stop drinking, and smoking, and eating so much red meat. You could cut out all processed foods, start going to church, or temple, and start running 5 miles a day. You could commit to reading every day, volunteering somewhere in the community every week, and trying to be nicer to your co-worker who you really think is an idiot.

Yes. All of those things are good to do and if you did any one of those you would probably see a dramatic change in your life. But we’re not asking you to do any of those things. Change can be hard. Especially if it’s worthwhile change, it can be really surprisingly challenging. All we propose you do is take the first step. If you’ve never taken a Hot Power Yoga class before – commit to trying it out this week. We have classes all day and every day, and they are always all levels and just $10.

If you used to do yoga, but haven’t gone in a while, or you practice regularly but are looking for some inspiration – kickstart your practice and come take a Master Class with  Norm Brzycki on Sunday, March 20 from 9-10:30. As always – JUST $10.

March 20 Master Class


 If you have a regular yoga practice but maybe you know that a regular hot power yoga practice isn’t for you – you can still come and be a part of our community by participating in our quarterly

108 Sun Saluations


To head into Spring – we have the great pleasure of being lead through our 108 Sun Saluations by our students currently participating in our Teacher Training program. They are a really intelligent and committed group and the type of people you’ll be happy to spend time with.

Schedule Changes

It turns our there is a high demand for high quality, affordable, hot power yoga in Gloucester. We now offer early morning and mid-morning classes 7 days a week, and Noon classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We have classes all day, every day, for all levels, and always just $10. Come and join us! Clear out your clutter.




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