The Power of Restorative Yoga

Release tension and stress with the power of Restorative Yoga this month with Katie O’Malley at Treetop Yoga Studio!

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 Thinking about trying Restorative Yoga? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The poses are easy and subtle using bolsters, blankets and blocks to fully support the body.
  • The Restorative Yoga practice is scientifically proven to activate the relaxation response in the nervous system, improve immune functioning, balance hormones and release stress.
  • Candle light, gentle massage, aromatherapy naturally ease tension without you having to do anything
  • Katie offers nurturing support and guidance for each pose and guided meditation for a completely nourishing experience on every level and for every body.


Next Restorative Workshop: Sunday, April 17th at 6:30pm

$20 when you sign up in advance, $25 at the door

Check out our website to learn more and sign up online today


Smithmaxfield Photography


Katie O’Malley, Treetop Yoga Instructor, Counselor and Reiki Healer, founded the Restorative Project to promote Restorative Yoga and to help people relax, tune in, let go, feel better physically, emotionally and energetically.

“We are a culture of busy, and do not take enough time to pauseslow down and tune-in to what is true.With a regular monthly restorative practice, you will melt into your Monday and feel the effects all month long.”


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