“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass



B.K.S. Iyengar as a boy amid his fellow yoga students. He started yoga at a young age and the work cured him of many serious ailments.

Come, bring your kids to practice with you at

Cape Ann Power Yoga!

All the time students are asking us if they can bring their kids to yoga…..the answer is YES!

As a general rule, by 13 most kids are able to take a power yoga class. We’ve had younger kids who are engaged and used to being coached, they do just fine. Our classes are 60, 75, or 90 minutes. We just ask that your kids be ready to focus and follow directions for that period of time. They certainly don’t have to do all of the poses perfectly, and they can take breaks whenever they need to.

Basically, if your child is respectful, likes to have fun, and can take direction from a fun and engaging coach they are invited to come and practice with us at any one of our classes.

It’s an easy, fun, and affordable (all of our classes are just $10 all of the time) way to spend time with your child in a peaceful, structured, and judgement free environment.


The practice we teach is “Meditation in Motion” where we keep moving, breathing, and advancing through a series of poses. By focusing our attention on one breath and one movement at a time – any thoughts, worries, or distractions that you walk into class with fade away into the background and you leave class feeling strong, calm, and confident.

Bryan Kest is a popular yoga teacher who often talks about how a yoga practice relates to your role as a parent. He suggests that despite our best intentions, our children don’t always listen to us and do what we tell them to – but they do become the people that we are through the example we set for them. Think of your own parents: did you always take their advice and do what they told you to do? I know I didn’t. But as you grow older – can you see that you have taken on some of their mannerisms, habits, and worldviews? That, I have done.


On the first day of each of my daughters’ lives I held them up like Mufasa and told them:

“In this life you will be strong and have good manners.”

Sounds really great, right? Good for me – I’m going to be the world’s greatest dad…

Well by now I’ve spent a couple of years with the little critters and as blessed as I am it isn’t all sunny days on Ipswich Bay. They’ve seen me put off personal improvements, they’ve seen me be short tempered and unfair, and they’ve seen me be less than patient. The proclamation I made that they would be stronger and better people than me, my parents, and generations before me is all for naught if I don’t live and breathe that example every day.

I don’t get to my yoga mat to practice nearly as often as I should, but one thing that I know for sure is that the time I spend on my mat is an investment in Fletcher and Hunter’s future. It’s time spent practicing being clear headed, benevolent, grateful, and connected to my community. It is time spent cultivating the habits and manners that I want to pass on to my children.


All students under 18 must have a parent or guardian come in to the studio to meet us and get entered into our system. Once a minor has been entered into our system students

16-18 can come and practice on their own whenever they want,

14-16 can get dropped off and picked up at the studio in person by a parent or guardian,

13 and under will please have a parent or guardian stay and take class with them.

If you can – you should really come and practice with your kids as much as possible. At the least they’ll have put down their phone for 60 minutes and just as importantly, you will have too.

If you’re looking for yoga specifically for kids, tweens, and teens we highly recommend Katy O’Brien Dagle of Peace Kids Yoga and our friends at Treetop Yoga Studio

Our teaching team has vast experience working with and coaching kids and teens. We love the freshness and enthusiasm they bring to a yoga class and look forward to seeing them on the mat.

CAPY teachers are also available to work with teams or private groups. Please email us so  we can make a plan that meets your needs.

Please email me anytime with questions or comments at capeannpoweryoga@gmail.com

Dave DeAngelis – Son . Father . Owner . Teacher



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