Post Graduate Program for Yoga Teachers

“Let the practice speak for itself” – Baron Baptiste

You’ll notice our schedule doesn’t list who is teaching what class. Why is that?

It’s because we believe in giving you space for your own growth. Like dining in a fine restaurant, we believe that your attention should be on your own experience, not on the staff. We keep it simple, strong, and no frills. You know that whatever class you can get to will give you a consistently excellent practice. That isn’t by accident – it’s by design, and it works.

“Let the students have their practice” – Baron Baptiste

At CAPY our teaching team is dedicated to leading a time tested practice, to inspiring you, and to supporting you in your growth on the mat. Sometimes we bring in new poses, or a new little sequence, but mostly we give you the space to measure your own progress in a familiar flow. Teachers are only human and it can be quite a challenge to rein in our personalities and to keep our eyes on the prize of a clean flow. But, ultimately we are only messengers, and our mission is to keep that message clear.

If you want to be a successful yoga teacher – not a popular teacher, that’s different, but a SUCCESSFUL one – you have to get brave and get yourself out of the way.


At Cape Ann Power Yoga we have developed a program to support both experienced and novice teachers in finding that space in their teaching. Our Post Graduate Program will benefit teachers of all levels. Teaching yoga these days can be a lonely and competitive experience; we are offering a haven from all that. This is an opportunity to talk about teaching, to hear what works and what doesn’t, to mature your own teaching, and to enjoy all this in a non competitive environment.

Post Graduate Program

All participants will have an opportunity to teach the Thursday night 7:30-8:30 class at CAPY with the guidance of Hayley Haberman. After the class Hayley will give supportive and educational feedback for the benefit of the whole group. Elizabeth will lead three Wednesday night trainings during the program.

  • Experienced teachers can enjoy community and conversation in a positive atmosphere.
  • Newer teachers will continue to strengthen their skills and hone their listening.
  • Recent graduates have an opportunity to test their wings in a supportive setting.
  • 21 CEU for maintaining your Yoga Alliance registration.

Go to our website to see the nuts and bolts, email us with any questions, and then sign up!

The program starts June 1 and is limited to 12 participants.



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