If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.



($160 for Cape Ann YMCA Members)

April 2 – May 12

Cape Ann Power Yoga

Join a healthy, engaged, and clear eyed community at Cape Ann Power Yoga for 40 Days to your own Personal Revolution and set yourself up for the Best Summer of Your Life.


Never done yoga? Sore? Not flexible? Out of shape? Nervous? Intimidated? This program is for you.


Starting next week with a kickoff meeting – you’ll come and take 5 classes in studio every week, learn to practice yoga at home by yourself, build meditation and mindful eating into your day to day, start to shift some habits in your life, and meet some people of real quality in the other participants.


I encourage you to jump in with two feet. As a participant in this program last fall I confirmed the suspicions I had that no one in this life is responsible for the way I feel physically or emotionally except for me. Nothing has a more direct impact on the direction of my life than the decisions I make, and those decisions are always informed by the way I’m feeling and the habits I’ve reinforced. You have an opportunity this Spring to make a pattern in your life of choosing to do the challenging thing, and feeling the elation of success. This program gives you the opportunity for a handful of small but powerful victories every day, that allow you to build the motivation and momentum to spring you forward into new opportunities, relationships, and seasons in your life. Join us.


More Information and Sign up Here


Or please call or email us with any questions anytime at



Dave DeAngelis

Cape Ann Power Yoga



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