Happy, Healthy, and Strong.



Do something bold. Something unexpected. Something that makes your wife and your co-workers and your dad all go, “Really?”

Join us at Cape Ann Power Yoga  for our spring session of 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

We run this program to bring together people from across the North Shore who want to get more out of life. It’s people supporting each other doing the deeply physical work of power yoga, changing their eating habits, developing a personal meditation practice, and doing some serious self inquiry.


It is by no means easy, but anything that supports real and true growth never is. That’s why we do this program together to support, uplift, encourage, and share in the experience of resetting your course. Whether you’re in your 60’s or your 20’s it’s likely that there is room for improvement in your life. The powerful part about this program is that the change comes from within.

All of our teachers are quick to acknowledge that each of us have our own work to do. We’re just the lucky ones who have had the time and space to study the path. Join us on it. This is real.

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