Wellness Lecture Series

Join us in July and August to gain a deeper understanding of yoga, nutrition, and wellness . The series is anchored by Gloucester’s very own Master Baptiste Yoga Teacher Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis and features our favorite local wellness experts sharing their knowledge and expertise.

These lectures are open to everyone. The room will not be heated and you don’t need any special credentials to attend. All we ask is that you bring your willingness to

expand your knowledge and learn something new.  



July 10 – Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, with Elizabeth – This is what we practice at CAPY! We’ll look at what distinguishes this practice from other modern schools of yoga, the classical lineage of BPVY, our methods, practices, and principles. This will be a lecture combined with some journaling, discussion, and breathing practices.

*This lecture is a great opportunity for those who are interested to find out what our “power yoga” is all about, without having to jump right in to a class.


July 17 – Meditation, with Patricia O’Brien – Experienced meditation teacher and Gloucester native Pat O’Brien will lead a practical “how to” session. You will get clear guidance and tips for meditating based on age old Buddhist wisdom. Pat is a long time practitioner of Baptiste yoga and meditation teacher.

July 24: Anatomy & Alignment I, with Elizabeth – With a working knowledge of basic anatomy you will gain confidence and ease on your mat. We’ll look at the skeleton, muscles and fascia, and the main joints. You’ll experience the stability and insight that comes from working with your body.

July 31: Yoga Philosophy & Energy Management, with Elizabeth – Classical yoga is a complete system for elevating your life through health, study, and action. In this session we’ll look at the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga yoga, basic psychology as presented in the Yoga Sutras, as well as some basic practices of energy management based on breathing and posture.

August 7: Anatomy & Alignment II, with Elizabeth – With an understanding of how our main joints move and work together you’ll see your poses in a whole new light. We’ll look at the elements of standing poses, balancing poses, back bends, forward bends, and twists.

August 14: Health from the Inside Out – Our own bodies have amazing powers of healing when we can remove blockages and let energy flow freely. On this evening you’ll enjoy a set of mini presentations from local health practitioners. They’ll explain the physical systems they work with, what techniques they use, and when their modality is best suited to support your healing. We’ll have: acupuncture with Bill Crosby, Chiropractic with Don Tgettis, Reiki and energetics with Silvie Lockerova, and Structural Integration.

August 21: Wholistic Nutrition, with Ron McKinnon – In this modern world we are surrounded by products and foods that are filled with chemicals and empty of nutrients. Ron will help you identify hidden toxins that block your health and give you tools to maximize your well being and fitness.

August 28: Anatomy & alignment III, with Elizabeth – In this final session of the summer we’ll take time to see how body, mind, and soul come together as our seat in this world. You’ll do poses, get assists, do journaling, discussion, and meditation. “Asana is perfect firmness of body, steadiness of intellect, and benevolence of spirit.” B. K. S. Iyengar

For each class please wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook, extra pen, and something to sit on (two blocks, cushion, or camp chair). For the anatomy and alignment nights please dress to do poses and bring your mat; these alignment sessions are not full practices and are not heated.

Yoga Alliance registered teachers will get CEU credits for attending the lectures.


$20 single
$60 any 4
$100 all 8

Cape Ann Power Yoga

Brown’s Mall

186 Main Street, Gloucester

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