Workshops for All Levels this Weekend


It looks like a blizzard will bury us tomorrow followed by another bitter cold weekend. This makes it a great weekend to get out of the house and into Treetop Yoga Studio. Besides our regular class schedule, we have a range of inspiring workshops available for all levels this weekend:

Restorative and Sound Healing – Clarity for the New Year

Elaine O’Rourke will guide you through an amazing blend of restorative yoga with sounding healing. This elixir is the perfect offering to embrace the New Year. Subtle guided imagery and contemplation will help clarify your intentions. When we can quieten the mind, the creative energies can flow with a natural ease. Register Here.

Email header Restorative + Sound Healing

The Building Blocks of Yoga with Erin Carney

This 4 week course (January 6-27) is a slower-paced program that offers a detailed description of all of the basic yoga postures, or asanas. Through this clear, mindful introduction to yoga, you will gain building blocks to begin or progress your practice. A detailed understanding of the architecture of the poses, individual alignment cues and a basic philosophy of the yoga practice is discussed. You will learn how to safely build a pose and modify a posture as needed. Breath work, movement and relaxation will be incorporated into every class. At the end of the series, you will feel comfortable in our all level yoga classes. This series is not just for beginners but also for those who look to refine their practice.

Register Here. 

 Saturday, January 6: Week 1- Learn how to build the basic postures and how to connect to breath. A focus on a basic understanding of alignment and a breakdown of the purpose and mechanics of the sun salutations is discussed.
Saturday, January 13: Week 2- Standing postures and twists.
Saturday, January 20: Week 3- An introduction to backbends.
Saturday, January 27: Week 4- We will begin to tie all of the concepts together and find an internal and external flow.
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Intro to Ayurvedic Yoga – Chikitsa Workshop with Kim Valeri:

Kim Valeri, of yogaspirit studios, offers a workshop that will overview how the marriage of Yoga with Ayurveda provides the complete solution and approach to today’s wellness concerns. Students of this workshop will learn:• Ayurvedic Principles that outline the fundamental structure of the human system: mind-body and consciousness
• Find the answers to some of the greatest questions about your health and life
• Discover how is it possible to have the energy, vibrancy and vitality you want
• Learn how to help your sleep difficulties and what it will take to feel refreshed and energized after a good night’s sleep
• Explore your unique constitution and what lies at the root cause of your physical discomfort or emotional stress
• Prevent disease from manifesting by learning how to spot early warning signs that most people never notice

Register Here

This is an introduction to a full 40 hour training, Principles of Ayurveda in Yoga Therapy: Ayurveda Chikitsa Series. If enrolled in introduction, $75 will be applied to full training.

Copy of Copy of Dec Intro to Ayurvedic Yoga Chikitsa-2

Free Informational Open House for 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yogaspirit’s 300 Hour Advanced Training at Treetop Yoga Studio with Kim Valeri and Elaine O’Rourke starts March 2018. Come and learn how this Program will advance your skills by focusing on key sequencing strategies that connect foundation poses to more advanced poses, incorporating meditation and pranayama in your instruction and help you refine your ability to observe students in mixed level classes while making appropriate assists and modifications. You will also get a demonstration on how to perform a Structural Assessment Session and learn more about the Practice Protocol writing requirements taught as part of the Program. All of these features are part of taking you to the next level of your teaching and helping you to build your private sessions yoga business. 

300 Hour certification

Treetop Yoga Studio

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