Introduction to Ayurveda

Two wonderful opportunities to explore the marriage of Yoga with Ayurveda – An Introductory Course as well as a Full Series with Kim Valeri of YogaSpirit Studios.

This weekend, Kim Valeri will offer an Ayurvedic Introductory Course at Yoga Sakti, in Salem, co-hosted by Treetop Yoga. This workshop will overview how the marriage of Yoga with Ayurveda provides the complete solution and approach to today’s wellness concerns. Students of this workshop will learn:

• Ayurvedic Principles that outline the fundamental structure of the human system: mind-body and consciousness
• Find the answers to some of the greatest questions about your health and life
• Discover how is it possible to have the energy, vibrancy and vitality you want
• Learn how to help your sleep difficulties and what it will take to feel refreshed and energized after a good night’s sleep
• Explore your unique constitution and what lies at the root cause of your physical discomfort or emotional stress
• Prevent disease from manifesting by learning how to spot early warning signs that most people never notice

Register Here

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A full series will be offered at Treetop Yoga, co-hosted by Yoga Sakti, for two weekends in March and April, which includes additional training through tele-conferencing (40 Hours CEU Credits). Anyone who participates in the Introductory course will receive a $75 credit for towards the full series, however the introductory course is not required for the full series. Register Here.

2018 Ayurvedic Yoga Chikitsa Series-4

2018 Ayurvedic Yoga Chikitsa Series-3

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