National Wear Red Day Means So Much More

go-red-for-women-logo-newThis February, we are highlighting Go Red for Women and National Wear Red Day. Tomorrow, February 2nd, women across the country will dress in red to spread awareness for Cardiovascular Disease. This up and coming day is presented by the American Heart Association, and is dedicated to making women aware of the risks of heart disease and the ways it can be prevented. Why is this important to you? According to, approximately every 80 seconds Cardiovascular Disease kills one woman in the U.S. Go Red for Women is focused on making this shocking statistic heard, so that women can educate themselves, their loved ones, and tackle heart disease head on.

Us women are amazing, talented folks. We work tirelessly to take care of our children, families, and friends. We multitask endlessly as part of our daily lives. But how often do we take the time to take care of ourselves? It can be difficult to find the time out of our busy lives to take a trip to the doctor’s and practice good heart health, but it is incredibly important! We simply cannot take care of the people in our lives if we do not take care of ourselves. And frankly, heart health is not one of those tasks on the To Do list stuck to the fridge that can wait until later.

So, what can we do? Learn more

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