Workshops at Treetop Yoga This Weekend

Two great opportunities at Treetop Yoga this weekend. In addition to specialty workshops, Treetop Yoga offers over 40 yoga and barre classes a week for all ages and abilities. We are located at 3A Pond Road in Gloucester. Our new students special is for anyone who has not been to the studio in the past 12 months – $49 for an unlimited month of yoga or $59 for an unlimited month of barre and yoga. EveryBODY Welcome!

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23 – Winter Nourishment: A Balancing Flow and Restore Workshop The stillness of winter serves as an invitation to slow down, reflect, and turn energy inward. We are given the opportunity to rest from the usual extroverted energy of the warmer months. Yet, balance is key, as this slow paced energy can also leave us feeling weighed down. By cultivating an inspiring shift within our yoga practice, we can ignite a sense of warmth, lightness, and opening. Join Amy Varney and Kayla Lemieux for Winter Nourishment: A Balancing Flow and Restore workshop. We will work to clear the body and the mind of dull, stagnant energy as we awaken and energize all of the senses during this ‘seasonal-reset’.

In order to balance Vata and Kapha, the dominant doshas of winter, there will be an emphasis on using pranayama (breathwork) to ignite internal warmth and lightness of the mind.Utilizing this heat as a catalyst for transformation, you will be guided into a series of enlivening poses, aimed to boost energy and metabolic function.

To balance out Vata following this flow portion of class, you will be led into a series of restorative poses to leave you feeling steady, grounded while remaining light, bright and open. With the assistance of bolsters and blankets, we will work to open the heart and chest, to counter the seasonal tendency toward melancholy and fatigue. The restorative practice is a relaxing and refreshing way to release holding patterns within the body and the mind, making space for you to flourish this season.

As you relax into a state of calm, experience the benefits of warm and invigorating essential oils, gentle assists and Thai Bodywork to help balance the energetic pathways within the body and increase circulation. As you melt into a final state of bliss, savasana will be complete with lavender eye pillows and warm oil foot massage.


Copy of Winter NourishmentA Balancing Flow and Restore Workshop


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25 – The Monkey God and the Sun: Yoga and A Story Series with Coley Bryan: Why do we Salute the Sun in yoga? Learn about Hanuman, the yogic monkey god, and the story behind the Sun Salutation. A two hour workshop with story telling, enlightening practice, and the connection between the two. All levels welcome.

REGISTER HERE to save on the cost. Workshop runs 2:00-4:00.



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