Spring Awakening Flow and Restore

A Detox Flow and Restore Workshop at Treetop Yoga
“Last year’s Spring Awakening with Kayla and Amy certainly planted many seeds in my soul. This rejuvenating evening inspired so much of what I’ve chosen to do over the past year. I’m so excited to be in the room with these two gentle souls again this year!” 
Friday, April 18, 6:30-8:00 PM, Treetop Yoga Studio, 3A Pond Road
Join Amy Varney and Kayla Lemieux for Spring Awakening: A Detoxifying Flow and Restorative Workshop. We will work to clear the body and the mind of dull, stagnant energy as we awaken and energize all of the senses during this ‘seasonal-reset’.
With the arrival of spring, there is a new energy rising within us. In order to gracefully transition from the cold, dark months to the warm, sunny ones, there must also be a shift within our yoga practice. With spring comes added movement, opening, and extroverted energy; an Awakening. 

In order to eliminate excess Kapha, which is the dominant dosha of late winter and early spring, there will be an emphasis on using pranayama (breathwork) to ignite internal heat. Utilizing this heat as a catalyst for transformation, you will be guided into a series of detoxifying poses, aimed to boost metabolic, liver and gallbladder function.

Following this flow portion of class, you will be led into a series of restorative poses, harnessing your internal flame yet remaining light, bright and open. With the assistance of bolsters and blankets, we will work to open the heart and chest, prepping the lungs for spring. The restorative practice is a relaxing and refreshing way to release holding patterns within the body and the mind, making space for you to flourish this season.

As you relax into a state of calm, experience the benefits of detoxifying essential oils, gentle assists and Thai Bodywork to help balance the energetic pathways within the body and increase circulation. As you melt into a final state of bliss, savasana will be complete with chilled lavender eye pillows.


Spring Awakening

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