YOU….ARE…..SPECIAL.                  – Mr. Rogers

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Has anybody ever told you you were crazy? Did you ever feel like the odd one in the crowd? Have you always had the sense that, compared to everyone else you were just, say, kind of unusual?

Take a look at yourself. The good news is that it’s quite likely you have a lot of unique gifts and talents to offer to the world. The bad news is that in our western society you would find more comfort and support if you fit in better.

Case in point… check out social media.

From early on, society teaches us that being a person who is relatable, easy to compartmentalize and who conforms to the norm is preferred. But let’s assume you happen to be none of these.

Let’s say you show up to the party a little different from everyone else. You are guaranteed to get some sideways looks, “hush-hush” remarks and questioning from folks who might be a bit more comfortable if you would just fit in.

This is all well and good if nature has equipped you with a strong and resilient character. The trouble, though, is that so often people who are not the norm are often the more sensitive to rejection. The sense of being lost in a largely rigid and methodical world can hurt, and hurt deeply.

Take heart. Artists, writers, musicians, inventors that have shaped our culture have and continue to be geniuses and above average IQs. But they were far from being like everyone else!

The saying about “dancing to the beat of a different drummer” is true. These types of people seem to get their information and data from an entirely different source from the rest of society.

And that is what is so interesting. That is where life itself gets interesting. Can you imagine the world without great art? Without amazing music? With no great literature? With no spiritual inspiration? With everybody conforming to just one way of being and no variations?

Consider this. The world’s most famously influential people are some of the “strangest” ones.The majority of them have had many many challenges when it came to fitting in. They usually broke the mold. And many who are still with us continue to do so.

To name a few: Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Justin Timberlake, Anderson Cooper, Beethoven, Winston Churchill, George Washington. The list goes on and on.

So, guess what? If you are “special” you are in great company!

The next time someone reacts to how crazy or unusual you are, maybe you can step back and take it completely as a compliment. Something to be proud of and grateful for!
Maybe you don’t fit in because in the Grand design of things you weren’t supposed to fit in! And THAT, neighbor, is what makes you awesome.

Take it from Mr. Rogers.

HE knew. 😉

Annette Dion is a Spiritual Counselor, Author and musician, committed to helping people find their deepest joy!

For a reading/counseling sessions call/text or email: 978-239-3586

Annette’s practice is at 114 Main St., Suite 207, Gloucester, MA.

Join us for weekly
“Community Meditation Mondays” 6:00-7:15 at Gloucester Yoga Collective,
114 Main St., Gloucester.  $5.00. No experience necessary.

Look for Annette at the next Main St. Block Parties,  Sat, Aug 11th and 31st,  6-10pm.


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