Tween and Teen Yoga at Treetop


teen yoga

Monthly Tween and Teen Yoga with Erin McKay

Sunday, September 30, 6:30-7:45 pm
Ages 11 and up.
$15 in Advance
$20 at Door
Don’t you wish you had started yoga sooner!? In this playful class, your teens/tweens will build self-confidence, esteem, strength, flexibility, balance, and positive coping skills as they develop a deeper understanding of their bodies, minds and hearts. With a lighthearted approach, we will work towards more physically demanding postures and flowing sequences to keep tweens/teens interested and challenged. Fostering connection, community with class peers, and self-respect, we will also use relaxing visualization, meditation, and breathing exercises to create a well-rounded experience of “union”.
This class is perfect for all levels, genders, and ages. The student who is looking to manage stress, the athlete looking to build strength and flexibility, the adolescent who is struggling to find an activity, and the well-rounded child…because we can all use a little mind-body connection in this busy world! Sunday evenings are great time to reset, and your teens will find it easier to fall asleep afterwards.

Parents, you can find a little calm with your teens by taking Yin Yoga in the upstairs Sun Studio with Hilary while your kids are in class downstairs.


Treetop Yoga Studio, 3A Pond Road, Gloucester

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