Experience Nia movement to music of the 1970’s Thursdays at 10:15 AM at MAGMA

Join us as we groove to the crazy music of the 1970’s. We will put the choreography of our latest routine, AYA, to new music, including songs from Queen, ABBA, Bee Gees, Elton John, Stevie Knicks and more.  The focus of the routine is stability and peace man!  See you on the 70’s dance floor for an hour of no-impact, cardiovascular movement and fun!

Classes are held at the MAGMA (Movement Arts Gloucester MA) on Thursday mornings at 10:15 AM.   MAGMA Building Access: You may find MAGMA by either entering the building on the Pleasant St. side or via the Main St. entrance.  The elevator is accessed by the Main St. door.  Walk to the rear of the arcade and take the elevator to 5th floor and walk through the gymnastics space.

nia aya 70s shoutout grapgic

What is Nia?

Safe, thoughtful, cardiovascular fitness to great music!
No-impact movement, adaptable to all levels of fitness and ability
Nia is a fun, no-impact cardiovascular, fitness program that draws from
three areas of movement:
  • Martial Arts: Tai Chi, Taekwando & Aikido
  • Dance Arts:Jazz, Modern & Interpretive Dance
  • Healing Arts:Yoga, Alexander Technique & Feldenkrais Method
Nia can be practiced by people of all ages and ability levels. Nia can be done in bare feet
and comfortable workout or yoga clothing.


Who is Linda Wilkes

Linda Wilkes is a white belt certified Nia instructor and certified Restorative Yoga teacher.  She is a semi-retired graphic designer living in West Gloucester.
Linda grew up ballet dancing and started out life as a registered nurse.  She relishes the opportunity to combine her love of music, health and movement with Nia and looks forward to passing on this fun movement form to others.
If you have any questions, contact Linda at contact@niawithlinda.com
Hope to see you soon!


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