CBD + Yoga Workshop: Sunday 12/16 12:00-2:00

Have you heard of the many benefits of the using the non-psychoactive components of cannabis? Scientists have discovered there is one key component of the Cannabis Hemp plant that accounts for most of the plant’s natural health benefits. That component is Cannabidiol (CBD).
Did you know right here in Cape Ann there is a shop that specializes in the sale of CBD products, with knowledgable  staff to help you pinpoint which products might be best for you? They even have an RN on staff that provides consultations for healing with CBD.
Carla from Cape Ann Botanicals in Ipswich will be joining us at Treetop Yoga to talk us through the benefits of incorporating CBD into our lives and yoga practices, and will have a number of samples yogis can choose to apply, ingest, or inhale before class begins.
We will tune into our breath as the samples settle, and class will heat us up with a 60 minute vinyasa flow, and commence with 30 minutes of restorative yoga to re-connect, tune in, and release.

Amanda has been using CBD oil topically and orally for nearly a year, and can attest to its many benefits to both her physical and mental health. She also has weened her dog off of Prozac by giving her a daily dose of CBD!

Treetop Yoga is Located at 3A Pond Rd. in Gloucester, MA.

To Register, Click Here

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