Weekend Workshops at Treetop with Elaine O’Rourke

yoga elixir jan 2019

Looking for the perfect way to unwind after the first full week of 2019? Combine Gentle and Restorative Yoga poses, breath work, and the healing sounds of gongs, bowls, song and guitar, and you’ve got yourself a perfect elixir to head into the weekend. All served up by Elaine O’Rourke.
Investment: $30 when you sign up in advance, $35 the day of


Register Here


copy of easing tension in the neck, shoulders + upper back-2

Do you hold tension in your neck, shoulders & upper back? Then this workshop is for you! If you like restorative, gentle yoga then you will LOVE it!!! We will focus on releasing different holding patterns through restorative poses, learn to relax and unravel in these areas and then explore some more active poses. Find a new, healthier way of being in your body so you can breathe deeper and let go of unnecessary stress. This is suitable for all-levels.
Investment: $30 with advance registration, $35 day of.

Register Here

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