Do you love drinking or smoking weed?

Hit the reset button on your health and join us for Sober October at Cape Ann Power Yoga! It’s a lot more fun than it sounds like – and the people you’ll meet are a lot of fun as well.

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That’s me on the left.

Each October we invite everyone from the community to join us together in a fun challenge of no smoking weed, no drinking, and doing 15 hot yoga practices in the month of October. It’s called Sober October and it’s fun because it isn’t just for teetotalers and saints – but for those of us that hit it a little harder too.

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Last year I just made it to 15, but some people found with all the time they saved by not being hungover they had more time for doing yoga and went literally off the chart.

The point of Sober October is to attract some of the people that don’t necessarily think that yoga is for them, and expand our reach a little deeper into the community. During the month there are special events (LIVE MUSIC CLASS WITH MIKE FORGETTE!), fun contests, giveaways, and a grand prize winner will be drawn from everyone who successfully completes the month for a $200 Gift Certificate to Duckworth’s Bistrot!


HUGE UPS to the Duckworth Family for contributing another $200 Gift Certificate to one lucky participant in Sober October!

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The best part is that you don’t ever have to have done yoga a day in your life. You can be inflexible, out of shape, smoking cigarettes on your way to class (I did on my way to TEACH for the first 2 years we were in business). There are no meetings, no required reading, and it counts as going to yoga if you come set up a mat and lie down and just focus on your breathing for the whole class without even doing any poses. After it’s all over if you want you can light up a joint and drink a cocktail at 12:01 on November 1 – we won’t even try to stop you.

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 We are offering a free introductory class (the first of your 15) on Tuesday, October 1 from 7:30-8:30pm. That way you can come and try it out – do a class, and see if it’s going to be a fit for you before you sign up. If it’s not for you – it’s not for you. No big deal – no judgement, no hard sell.

We’ll walk you through all the stuff – how to check in to class, where to put your shoes, how to set up your mat, how to do the poses, and how to rest if you need a break during class (which everyone does at some point).

After class is over – if you dig it and you want to join us, you can sign up. If you already attend our studio you’ll just need to buy enough classes or a membership that will allow you to complete the month, and for those of you who are brand new it’s just $50 for your first month unlimited. It’s an awesome deal.

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It’s interesting to me as I talk to people about Sober October how many folks say, “oh I don’t drink much anyway that would be no problem but I couldn’t ever give up MY WEED.”… and the other handful of people who say, “Pff I don’t smoke pot that’s for stoners but it’s probably been 20 years since I went a month without drinking.” Look – we aren’t here to vilify you or whatever choices you make. We’re here to offer a fun, inexpensive, community oriented activity – and honestly selfishly I need a break from the sauce after endless beers at the beach this summer.

And as a special treat we have our friend, student, and head shop owner Mike Forgette playing live music to kick off the month during a special class on October 2 while Master Baptiste teach Elizabeth DeAngelis calls poses! This class is all levels (beginners welcome!) and more info can be found here. 

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If you have any questions at all – I am available to answer them. You can email us at (just Elizabeth and I see that),  or call or text me directly at 617 821 6734 and I’ll get back to you in the evening. Our goal is to make this as accessible, doable, and fun as possible. Thank you!

Dave DeAngelis


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