Last Call for Sober October and FINALLY a power yoga class for BEGINNERS!

You can sign up for our challenge as far into the month as you want. Already over 40 people are participating – we are waiting for you!

Instead of going to the packie after work – join us Friday night at 5:30 for your first class of Sober October – or Saturday morning from 9-10:15 for our new Beginner’s Basics class.


  • 15 Hot Yoga Classes                                       (any of them, no set schedule)
  • No weed.
  • No booze.
  • No extracurricular drugs


Brand New / Out of Shape / Never Done Yoga / Inflexible People are especially encouraged to Join us. 

Come meet some bright eyed, clear headed, healthy and fun people this October at Cape Ann Power Yoga’s annual Sober October.

I know personally that it can be easy in the summer time to drink more than I was planning to or spend a couple of later nights partying than might be good for me. I think that’s ok – it doesn’t make you a bad person or less than if you howl at the moon from time to time. It is however a real possibility that if you don’t put those behaviors in check every once in a while – that sex, drugs, and rock and roll will eventually burn you right out.

Sober October is an opportunity to come together with other people that you might know from the bars or the beach or wherever you party on Cape Ann and spend some time with them without all of the noise. The best part is that it isn’t forever. We don’t have any agenda for this month except to provide a place and a program where we can all come together and commit to one month of no drinking, no drugs, and 15 hot yoga classes.

Rinse out the body, rinse out the brain, and clean off the lense so you can really take an honest look at your compass and get an awareness of whatever direction you’re moving in.

We will have fun prizes to distribute throughout the month, special classes, and everyone who completes the month successfully sober and with 15 yoga classes gets entered to a drawing to win a $200 Gift Certificate to Duckworth’s Bistrot.  Huge thanks to the Duckworth Family for their generous Grand Prize contribution.

You can take any 15 classes on the schedule, and you can start at 5:30 on Tuesday morning if you want – but we are having a


Please please please call, text, or email with any questions. We want to get as many people as we can into this program. It’s $50 for the whole month if you’ve never been before and if you can’t afford that we can work something out. You don’t need to start the first day, or even the first week. Start when you can – and if you slip up and get drunk one night or eat an edible, you don’t have to quit and you don’t even have to tell anyone. (although you will kindly excuse yourself from the grand prize drawing)

This isn’t about that. It’s about getting together, getting clear, and getting back in front of our health and well being.

Ask me anything.


Dave DeAngelis



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