Weekend Workshops at Treetop Yoga Studio

Add a heading (1)Join Coley Bryan to explore yoga’s warrior poses. We will examine the question “Why do we do warrior poses in a practice based on non-harming?” After a fun, energizing flow, we will analyze the alignment, anatomy and energetics of these poses, and learn how to personalize them to our individual bodies. We will also explore their history, mythology, and connection to yoga’s foundational ethics.

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svadhistana- restorative and energy work (1).png

Join instructors and reiki practitioners Hilary Richard and Gurdeep Bhogal for an evening of restorative yoga and energy work. We will focus on the crown chakra (sahasrara), which is associated with stillness, emptiness, presence, intelligence, awareness, knowledge and understanding. You will be put into nervous-system relaxing restorative poses while crystal healing and reiki is used to activate our ability to experience realization, grace, enlightenment and bliss. We will begin with a mudra and mantra to get the intention in motion. Enjoy an rnr retreat to heal any blocks preventing us from understanding that we are one in unity with the Divine,. This is the seventh, and last workshop in a series, however, don’t fret if you missed the first one!

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