The First Annual Caino Legacy Foundation

This past year, our family as well as the community of Gloucester lost an incredible addition to our town. Tom Cain was an exceptional father, a loving uncle, and very caring member of Gloucester. To honor his legacy, his family has set up a foundation that will annually award a scholarship to a high school student pursuing a college degree, trade school, or certification program. The tickets are $40.00 each, and the event will take place March 13th at the Cruiseport in Gloucester from 7:30pm -1200am. Tickets are available at our shop on 12 Roger’s street, and the deadline for purchasing one will be February 28th. Thank you in advance to those that will be showing their support.

The tickets will include dinner, and a DJ’d dance party. Additionally, we will be raffling off gifts including but not limited to Celtics tickets, air pods, a photo-shoot with local Bonita Feeney, a whale watch cruise, a family charter cruise, restaurant gift cards, and a CBD care package.

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