Myofascial Release Workshop

Myofascial Release Workshop

In this workshop we’ll drop into a space of self-study, discovering techniques to ease stress and unravel tension in the body. Learn to navigate the myofascial meridians, which are long fibrous pathways of connective tissue that contract and adhere from habitual movement, poor posture, inflammation, injury and surgery. We’ll combine self-massage through myofascial and trigger point release, alignment based movement and breath awareness to relax the muscles, improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation. The use of different props and tools allows us to unlock myofascial restrictions, improving your ability to sense where and how your body moves through space with gained awareness. You’ll leave with a greater sense of freedom in your own skin, feeling balanced, inspired and living better in your own body.

EveryBODY welcome! Join Us!

Lead by Abby Strauss-Malcolm 200-hour RYT, 750-hour CMT

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