Can CBD Help with Depression?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that depression effects 300 million or more than 4% of us, making it the planets #1 source of disability. And that count it probably significantly understated given the stigma surrounding this illness. As with anxiety disorders, CBD has become a source of hope.

Recent research points to some potentially anti-depressant effects of the compound- and a link between depression and low endocannabinoid levels. One study showed that CBD can boost levels of the body’s natural “bliss” molecule anadamide. Another connected CBD to higher levels of serotonin in the brain; this enzyme is known to have an anti-depressant effect. Others have suggested positive impacts to mood-improving processes in the hippocampus, and to CBD’s value in reducing neuron damage and brain inflammation.

In addition to clinical trials, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can be effective either in conjunction with or in place of traditional anti-depressant treatment. A survey of 2400 HelloMD community members, for instance, found that 80% of those polled found CBD extremely effective at treating their illness and 42% stopped using traditional medicines in favor of using CBD. While this data is promising, it can’t be taken as anything close to proof. Depression is an extremely complex illness, and more research is needed.

Article from Better Living Through Cannabis.

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