Real Testimonial…Joint Pain-from new CBD user

This is just one of the amazing testimonials we have heard over the last year since we opened our store:

My lower arm and hand have been inflamed and swollen for 6 weeks. Most of the joints in my hand and wrist were soar and I could barely perform my job. I’d been seeing a physical therapist and a massage therapist regularly with no real results. My massage therapist suggested I go to Angel Wings Wellness and ask about topicals, after all they offer free samples, what do I have to lose. I tried a couple different topicals and was given a sample to take home a re apply later. What a surprise I had the next morning! No more pain no more swelling! I immediately went back to the shop and purchased a jar of this amazing topical! I told the shop owner, I don’t know what is in this stuff but it should be called The Miracle Cream!

I highly recommend anyone who has any joint pain, swelling or muscle aches to visit Angel Wings Wellness and get a free sample, you won’t regret it!

Jack Mury – you can find me on Facebook, feel free to PM there if you like!

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