Curcumin and CBD for Pain Relief

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Curcumin is the main active ingredient in Tumeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and is a very strong anti-oxidant (much like CBD). Why is this important? Because inflammation is the main cause for almost every chronic, “Western” disease. This includes heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s and various degenerative conditions, just to name a few. By combining CBD with Curcumin in a soft-gel form, people are finally finding relief from pain like never before!

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You can find this product, and many more like it, at Angel Wings Wellness, 11-4 Friday, Saturday, Sunday …. 12 Roger’s Street, Gloucester MA, 01930. Or give a call 978-985-4592. This particular product brought to you by one of our favorite partners: Joy Organics.

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