Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda All Free! Week of Oct. 19th Nia Slumdog Millionaire Routine

Come join me as we heat up our spaces with this Bollywood inspired routine to the music of the movie, Slumdog Millionaire.  If you haven’t done this routine you are in for a great time.  We may not have our jingly skirts but we will do so with our imaginations!

The routine will have you watching or rewatching the movie and yearning for chicken tikka masala or lamb biryani, yum.

If you are new to Nia with Linda, these streaming classes are free.  Share with anyone who you feel needs a little movement and fun in their lives during this period of social isolation.

So here is how it works.  It will be easier for you if you download the Zoom client for meetings for a desktop or laptop, or the app for phones and tablets.

Click here for the link to download the client or the app

Then click on this link to bring to my website and the list of streaming classes

At my website, you will want to click on the link for the class and time you are trying to join.  Otherwise you will be all alone!

If you have downloaded the client/app, the meeting will open automatically in that interface.

If you have not downloaded the app/client, it should open in a web browser.

You can join early and chat with all the other Nia folks.  Great way to check in with other humans.

If you need any techie help, call me  617-851-2738  or email me at

Find a little space in your home and be prepared to move and have fun.


For Restorative Yoga, find some cushions, large books, yoga blocks, blankets, whatever you can use instead of bolsters and blocks.  We make it work.  For more information on Restorative yoga, check out my site,  It is a lovely passive practice that gives the participant relaxation and calm. Who couldn’t use that right now.  

Old television icon


And finally, if you haven’t had enough of Nia or seeing me on Zoom, you can view a number of videos on my website.  No excuse for sitting on the couch binge watching reality tv.


Here is the link to access the videos on my web site

Love to all and stay healthy,

Linda Wilkes

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