Deep Rest and Reset with Katie Schroeder

Sunday, November 22


Join Katie Schroeder, who has been teaching Restorative Yoga Workshops on the North Shore for over 15 years, for an evening of complete relaxation. Katie will weave mindfulness, stress reduction, and guided visualization into your ultimate therapeutic restorative yoga experience. Prepare to be pampered with bolsters, blankets, and props that will support your body to release tension and ease into powerful states of bliss. You will safely rest in your own safe, sacred space and soak in the guidance of Katie’s poetic words and allow the restorative yoga poses to take you to deeper states of being. You will feel clear, rested, and reset.

Everybody welcome, no experience necessary, and please join us for this peaceful experience! Right now, we all could use some precious moments to just BE. By taking care of YOU, your ripple of light reaches out to everyone.

$25 Register Here

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