Upper Body Self Myofascial Release and Nerve Gliding Workshop with Megan Ghirardi and Abby Strauss-Malcolm (In Studio and Virtual)

Sunday, December 13, 2:30-4:00pm

In this workshop Abby Strauss-Malcolm and Megan Ghirardi create a space of self-study, leading you through techniques to ease stress, unravel tension, increase range of motion and sensation in the upper body. With Abby you’ll learn to navigate the myofascial meridians, which are long fibrous pathways of connective tissue that contract and adhere from habitual movement, poor posture, inflammation, and injury. With Megan you’ll learn and practice a series of simple nerve gliding or nerve flossing techniques that can help mobilize irritated and compressed nerves while relieving discomfort and increasing freedom of movement. The combination of self-massage through myofascial and trigger point release, nerve glide techniques and breath awareness relax the muscles, improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation. This workshop will leave you with a greater sense of freedom and balance in your own body.

Props Needed: 1 yoga block, 1 blanket and 2 tennis balls. Softer balls are available for purchase at the studio.

Lead by Abby Strauss-Malcolm 200-hour RYT, 750-hour CMT and Megan Ghirardi 500-hour RYT

Register Here, $30

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