Are You Fighting to Lose Pandemic Pounds? You’re Not Alone.

If you’ve packed on pounds since March, know that you’re not alone. In a poll of more than 1,000 WebMD readers, nearly half of the women and almost one-quarter of the men said they’d gained weight “due to COVID restrictions.”

A lot of folks have reported that they are not able to schedule exercise or maintain regular eating habits during this time. In addition, life seems to revolve around mealtime…not an easy way to control eating.

“Stress eating is also a problem for younger generations,” says Fox23. “Half of Millennials, 51%, and Gen Z, 47%, are stress eating versus older generations – Gen X (39%) and Boomers (24%).” But the middle of a pandemic – and not to mention the beginning of the holiday season – may not be the best time for you, mentally and emotionally, to start a strict diet or workout regimen. So what can you do?

You Need an Ally in this Daily Battle.

Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals has created just the ticket to help you regain control of your appetite with Curb Your Appetite CBD & Botanical Extract Oral Spray. This product combines CBD with herbal extracts known to both control hunger and  stimulate your metabolism. This powerful combination formulated into our proprietary PSM oral spray technology helps you control your desire to snack and indulge.

Curb Your Appetite has a pleasant chocolate-minty flavor, unlike most CBD oral products. It also comes in a handy spray bottle so you can take it with you while on go to tamp down those cravings wherever and whenever they occur. Win the Bulge Battle with Curb Your Appetite in your arsenal. Read more about the power of CBD here.

Missing Some of That Energy Needed to Make It Through (or Even TO) Your Workout?

As you continue on your health journey to shed those pandemic pounds, adding exercise into the mix can help keep your weight loss momentum. But we know 2020 has been an exhausting and draining year, and finding the energy for that yoga routine, free weight workout, or quick cardio session is a workout in itself!

Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals wants to help you live a full and happy life. For an extra dose of energizing motivation, try our Energy CBD & Botanical Extract Oral Spray.

Herb Tech Products Offer an Array of Wellness Benefits

Live your best life. Herb Tech offers an assortment of wellness products with effects ranging from calming to muscle and joint relief – and even virility. Shop our products today.

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