Check Out Which Celebrities are Helping Forward CBD Education!

Celebrities like Martha StewartKim Kardashian, Gwyneth PaltrowWhoopi GoldbergJohn Legend and Rob Gronkowski are lending their names to various CBD brands.  Their fame is valuable for educating the public about the health benefits of CBD.When Jennifer Aniston says that low THC Hemp (less than 0.3%) won’t make you high, you remember.  People listen when Rob Gronkowski says that low THC Hemp was reclassified under the 2018 Farm Bill, so CBD products made from it now can be legally shipped to all 50 states. 

It’s good for the whole industry when Willie Nelson helps more people know that the FDA approved the use of Epidiolex®, a drug containing CBD, to treat forms of epilepsy.

Tens of millions of CBD users in the United States are already using CBD for relaxation, focus and recovering from exercise.  Celebrities from television, Montel Williams, to music, Melissa Etheridge, to sports, Mike Tyson and Megan Rapinoe, will help bring the benefits of CBD into the mainstream.

How Do You Select the Healthiest CBD Products?

At Northeast Kingdom Hemp, we welcome celebrity influencers and hope they will expand their educational efforts.  It is important that consumers understand the importance of being certified USDA Organic, and that the Healthiest CBD products contain a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work together with CBD for optimal response in the body.

How your CBD is grown, processed, and extracted affects how it works in your body.

Our family farm doesn’t have a celebrity marketing budget, but we know how to produce the Healthiest CBD oils.

What Should You Do?

Learn what you can from celebrities, but when selecting CBD products, make sure you’re getting the Healthiest.  That means finding a source that puts quality first in every step of the process.

How your CBD is grown, processed, and extracted affects how it works in your body.

Small family farms like Northeast Kingdom Hemp don’t compromise quality for profit.  They only make the Healthiest CBD oils.  Use a source you can trust.

Compare Northeast Kingdom (NEK) Hemp to Most Major Brands
The Healthiest Way ReasonMost Major BrandsNEK Hemp
Never Sourced.All hemp grown on own farmFull control.  Who knows what has been done to sourced hemp.NoYes
Fully Organic USDA CertifiedPure healthy hempNoYes
Never any pesticides or herbicides ever.Hemp is a bio-accumulator.  Even organic pesticides aren’t healthyNoYes
Well-spaced healthy clean individual hemp plantsPrevents mold on lower branches.  More natural healthy compounds in hemp plants.?Yes
Hand harvestingAvoid loss of terpene crystals on outside of hemp plants through harsh abrasive industrial harvestingNoYes
Natural drying by hanging in open airAvoid destruction and loss of terpenes and other healthy hemp compounds due to industrial dryersNoYes
Optimum slow drying humidityMore humid eastern climate preserves terpenes.  Drying too fast in low humidity Colorado, California, Arizona weather causes loss of volatile terpenesNo/?Yes
Precise small-batch CO2 extractionPreserve and capture volatile terpenes and healthy hemp compounds.  Industrial scale extractions don’t.  Not all “Full-Spectrums” are equal.NoYes

About Northeast Kingdom Hemp

Northeast Kingdom Hemp is a family farm producing full-spectrum CBD oils and other hemp products in Barton, Vermont.  Four generations of family farmers – all born and raised in Vermont – lovingly tend all the hemp on our USDA Certified Organic farm.  We follow sustainable practices to grow pure and healthy hemp plants.  We do all the processing of our hemp, including small-batch supercritical CO2 extraction which preserves and captures the more than 80 active compounds naturally found in hemp.  The result is pure, great tasting, healthier CBD oils that are teeming with naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are largely lost by more industrial extraction methods. Because we perform the entire process from planting to bottling right on the farm, we know that every step is done right to give you the purest and healthiest CBD oils. ANGEL WINGS WELLNESS carries the full line of North East Kingdom Hemp Products!

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