The Most Compassionate Life Coach In the Northeast- Marcy Plante

Are you ready to find your True North? Tired of feeling unmotivated?

Meet your Coach

I am full of love and life. My vibration is full of positive energy, my determination is to leave the world a better place than I found it, and my motivation drives me to wake up every day and be the BEST ME. In my 50 plus years of life, I have experienced love, loss, friendship, change, managing people, marriage, motherhood, challenges, education, career, and health issues.

All of these have made me stronger and have formed my heartbeat. I have a supportive family, husband, and children that drive me to never forget my gift in life coaching. You can often find me experiencing the joy of life with friends on a spin bike, sea glassing, boating, or skiing. I love the freedom of the outside, sand between my toes, being with loved ones, and the sun shining down on me. My gift is to make others see the love and fire that lives inside of them.

Do You, Be You, Be Great, Be AMAZING!- Coach Marcy

Marcy Plante

Certified Life & Health Coach/CBD Wellness Advocate

My commitment to YOU!

It is my gift to be able to communicate with you one-on-one so that you do the soul searching to answer your own questions about passion, love, life, getting unstuck, habits, purpose, routines, and showing up the best you. Together, we will believe in your ability to achieve success in your personal goals. Over 90 days, we will meet once a week and build creative action steps, ideas, and inspirations in your daily life, and allowing you to be 100% authentically and fully you. Being present in all aspects of your daily life, you will understand and come to realize that the answer lies within your own heart, body, mind, and soul.

Together, we will hold each other accountable to act in full confidence from our highest self even when we could be feeling broken, lost, or just need a reset. Our worlds will weave together your success in your personal journey, learning how to show up confidently, love yourself, be present for your family and friends, and accept the challenges life has presented you as gifts to learn and grow from.

We will discover personal anchors, learn how to reframe your thoughts and feelings, allowing the process to be a reminder of what life can bring you. You will discover and create positive daily routines, improve on personal relationships, become present for yourself and others, all while discovering your TRUE NORTH!

Your trust in yourself, making the commitment to yourself, wanting more for yourself, showing up daily for yourself, and knowing your worth, will allow you to have the strength, desire, confidence, power, to grow through any situation, any relationship, and any uncertainty with passion and balance.   

You will discover that showing up daily and being the best version of yourself is the best way to live.

Now, with that being said, hold on, don’t let go, believe you can do it. Let’s be AMAZING together.

Celebrate your gift,

Marcy Plante

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